The Main Purpose of a Recycling Decal

Recycling decals are the stickers or the recycling logos which can be pasted on recycling bins to help people to differentiate between a wastebasket and a recycling container. Some decals with catchy slogans are acclimatized to encourage people to dispose waste properly. Decals are readable and are used to label recycling bins thus making sorting of recyclable material easier. Recycling decal remind people about recycling and persuade them to reduce waste by putting all recyclable materials in appropriate recycling containers. Recycled decals can be found in a variety of sizes, styles and texts. Some popular recycle decals have text, such as for instance “Recycle”, “We Recycle”, and “Recyclables Only” printed to them. Here’s a list of some of the types of decals that are available in the market:

Graphic Recycle Decals: This kind of recycled decal has text as well as images printed to them. These decals are great for use in playgrounds, schools and other public places as these give forth the message of recycling of waste material in an easy and effective manner.

Bi-Lingual Recycling Decals: Bi-Lingual recycling decals increase the reach of message on decals as these give the same information in two languages, for instance , English and Spanish. Text in two languages makes the recycle decal understandable to a larger number of people and so promotes recycling effectively.

Custom Recycling Decals: You can also customize your decals by adding logo, slogan, message, etc of your personal choice. You can even get your business or institution’s name printed on custom recycle decals. These decals are well suited for use in offices, schools, hospitals or hotels, and so forth.

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Mini Recycling Decals: Whilst the name suggests, these recycle decals are small in dimensions and are used for comparatively small sized recycling bins. The decals can be used on office recycling bins to encourage the employees to recycle. Small recycling bins in homes can also be pasted with your decals to help the members of the family adopt the habit of recycling.